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All we ask is two basic steps to get started

1: send a detailed message with the date, time of event, drop off/meeting location to


2: pick your choice of up to two fruit, pick your choice of liquor. Top shelf liquors prices do vary.




2 years of making drinks and selling them out of my trunk. Over time request/orders became larger. Now Eye Bartend has a full bar set up at events while still offering smaller options like 16oz drinks.

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Party Juggs 

Party jugs' are homemade punch bowls made in 1.5 gallon glass jugs'. Pick your choice up to two fruit and your choice of liquor just to make it as personal as possible. The jugs' are perfect for smaller gatherings, or just to have something to sip on for the week when you get off of work!


If you have any questions about the menu, events, or more please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

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